Why Shark SUPS USA?

Light Weight

Shark SUPs is one of the world’s most popular manufacturers and suppliers of inflatable SUPS. We bring you the most outstanding range of inflatable SUPs. We have been a leading player in the inflatable SUP segment since 2009.

We thought of everything when it comes to building a lighter paddleboard, which makes for easier handling on and off the water. Shark SUP’s are also one of the most durable stand up paddle boards on the market.

Easy To Inflate

Having your own Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is one of the best ways of assuring yourself  hours of unending fun and excitement. SUPs are becoming an increasingly popular water sport all over the world. People from all age groups enjoy using SUPs as everyone equally enjoys the experience.

While traditional SUPs are heavy and hard to transport, Shark inflatable stand up paddle boards allow you to go from backpack to paddling in under 10 minutes.


The Shark family of SUP’s has virtually any use in mind. Whether you are looking for a weekend of leisure paddle or to shred waves, Shark has boards for all activities and skill levels.

Join the next SUP craze and start doing Yoga on your Shark SUP, adding an additional element to work your core.


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Superior Versatility