All-Around SUP Inflatable Boards

  • Racing/Distance
  • Cruising/Fun
  • Surfing

From entry level to advanced paddler, the Shark All-Around SUP boards are a great way to ease into the world of stand up paddle boarding. As the name implies, the Shark All-Around SUP boards are great for catching some waves with and putting the kids/dog on the front.  It can handle open water OK but does slap on the water because of its flatter rounded nose.

The Shark all-round SUP is averagely 11′ in length with a traditional shape- rounded nose, thinner in the tail, and enough rocker at the nose and tail to get over the bumps and catch some waves. This is a fantastic shape and size board if you’re not worried about paddling fast or having a board that is super efficient to paddle on flat water. How does the All-Around perform?

The 11′ All Around is an amazing paddle board with great stability, perfect for beginners, bigger rider and family users who are looking for a long distance ride and carry a large quantity of gear. 15cm thickness makes  super high buoyancy and stiffness.

Video Review

Video Review