Touring Inflatable Boards

  • Cruising/Touring
  • Racing
  • Surfing
  • Yoga
What is a Touring board and why is it different?

A Touring board is a board that takes the best aspects of both an all-around and a race board. The result produces a board that is stable, easy to paddle and generally shorter in length which makes it easy to transport (compared to the all-around board). It’s still fast, with good tracking and glide due to the race board outline and wave piercing nose.

Who is the Touring designed for?

All of the above features put on to one board makes the Touring board an absolutely fantastic board choice for many paddlers in many different conditions. Whether it be paddling open water, coastal cruising, estuary paddling or catching the occasional wave. A Touring board is easy to paddle and therefore a great board choice for fitness paddling and improving your technique, without putting too much strain on the body. Its good glide and tracking also makes it fast and a great first time board for a new paddler. But like with any board, you have to look at what type of paddling you plan on doing most of the time, to make the best board choice for you. Be realistic about your paddling. Even if you like the look of a new 9’0’’ if you’re going to be paddling it on flat water 90% of the time, then it might not be the right board for you. But if you plan to head to the beach to catch a wave a few times a year but otherwise plan to stick to the flat then a Touring board could well be the board for you.

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