18′ Whale Shark Party Board

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18′ Whale Shark Fun

There is a lot of excitement that comes with being on a paddle-board alone but that excitement is multiplied the moment you include friends or family into it. With up to eight people on board the Whale Shark  Extra Large SUP from Shark SUPs is exactly what you need. It has been found to be ideal for the utmost fun at your local breaks or tours on the rivers and even on flat water.

The weight of this Whale Shark XL is light so that it is really easy to transport as well as carry to the designated points. So, if you are going down a wave or for carrying easily and also holding on well this is made possible by the multiple handles on this Extra Large SUP. It inflates easily and becomes stiff and mighty stable which is made possible by the Three Shark High Pressure Double Action pumps that come with it. It also deflates really quickly and for the easiest transportation you can roll it into a compact size. The material that went into making this SUP is Heavy Duty PVC with Single Layer Technology that is really light as well as durable.

Great for a large group of friends, paddling groups and even school classes for the most fun which means that it is the perfect Extra Large SUP to cater for more people and more fun. The fact that everyone can have fun at the same time is what makes this paddle-board a really great one. It is 18’ long and 80” wide which gives enough room for everyone to have fun and you can even include the dog. Its not just fun but also makes possible the idea of group activity at a go.



  • Heavy Duty Single Layer Technology
  • Three Shark Double Action pumps inclusive
  • Easy handling and transport by the 11 handles
  • Super light
  • All water conditions friendly
  • D-Rings of Stainless steel for attachments
  • Quick Inflation and deflation by 3 valves
  • Easy roll up
  • XL Bag available for Easy storage and transport


What’s in the parcel?

Your order comes complete with a float-able paddle, a repair kit, a backpack, a Shark Double action pump, and a foot leash.


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Why an inflatable SUP?

Convenient for traveling and storage. With an Inflatable SUP, you can take it on a plane or in mostly any car with just being the size of a sleeping bag when deflated, traveling to anywhere without worrying about storage space. Shark SUPS are easy to store; just deflate and roll it up. You can put it into your closet or leave it in the car for the unexpected paddling opportunities that a hard board would never do.

Better durability and safer. Unlike hard standard paddle boards, a Shark SUPS board won’t crack, snap, or chip because it’s constructed of PVC drop stitch. For this reason it can be a great choice for those who love paddling or use it extensively in an extreme condition such as rocks, hot sun, or even kids misuse. An inflatable SUP will be much less temperamental and have no long lasting negative effects.

Why Shark SUPS?

Top Quality – We use only the best materials on our “Shark SUPS.” This allows our SUPS to have an increased PSI level compared to industry standards. Shark SUPS have a max PSI of 25 (industry standard 18 PSI) but recommended at 18 PSI (industry standard 15).

The Deck and Bottom have 0.7mm. 1000 Denier polyester plain weave laminate over the 500 Denier drop stitch material, making the hull extra strong and stiff.

Rails with 0.5mm 500 Denier polyester plain weave, secures 100% air tightness covered by robust bi-axial 0.7mm 1000 Denier polyester mesh for additional stiffness

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18' x 80" x 8"


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